Club Information

The Club is fully affiliated to the BMFA, and all Club members are therefore required to be BMFA members. 

Use of Club Facilities. 

  • Club facilities are for the use of Club Members. 
  • Visitors must at all times be accompanied by a Club Member. 
  • Visiting model fliers who are BMFA insured may fly models with the permission of a Committee Member. (This includes visitors who wish to try the hobby for a first time under the supervision of a qualified Club Member) 
  • Activities using our Club site or Facilities, which involve financial gain, will not be permitted. 
  • Any person acting to the annoyance of Club Members or in a manner detrimental to safety may be asked to cease flying and/or leave the flying field by a Committee Member.
Model flying can usually be undertaken 7 days a week, 10:00 hrs until dusk, subject to the conditions laid down in the Club Rules. 

Powered Models
  1. We are restricted on noise level and field size, so larger models are usually outside our scope
  2. Models must be silenced, where appropriate, so as to meet the BMFA noise regulations. These include the stipulations of the relevant Government Department (DoE) which state at present “no model should be operated which gives a noise measurement at 7 metres of more than 82 dB(A)” (BMFA Member’s Handbook page 73 2010 Issue).
    If there is any doubt about a particular model we can use our sound meter as an arbiter. There are, though, times when a model meeting the statutory noise level can cause offence. 
    Our use of the field depends not flying models of any type that produces noise likely to annoy our neighbours or visitors to surrounding properties. 
    The definitions noisy require some common sense and honesty being applied. All members will suffer if excess noise results in the loss of the use of the field, it is the responsibility of individual members to assess the situation and act accordingly.
  3. Problems with this should be reported to a Committee Member as soon as possible.
  4. Powered models should never be flown towards neighbouring properties and never outside the boundaries of the farm fields
  5. There shall be no static running/running-in of engines at the field.

Transmitter control is by a “Peg On” pegboard for 35MHz and 2.4GHz channels.

No Fly Zone:

Be Safe Be Happy
In the club booklet you will find the “official” Club Rules. They are a guide to safe model flying but remember that they are not a substitute for common sense. 

Members should also be familiar with the current BMFA recommendations, obtainable from the BMFA website or your BMFA handbook.

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